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We aim to remove all the hassle so you can achieve your vision, with the help of our revolutionary construction method using an insulated timber building system. As an environmentally friendly and economic alternative all elements of Gablok are 100% recyclable with a U value equal to 0.15 W/m2K.



Gablok was established in 2018 by Gabriel Lakatos, since then the company has achieved exponential growth as an innovative construction concept. Gabriel our founder took inspiration from the many hours spent as a child with building blocks and formulated the idea with the thought that even with a few more years added to the clock, building your project can still invoke that same level of enjoyment.

Build your own house with Gablok UK

What makes the Gablok concept is its simple yet effective construction process. With its insulated blocks and beams, a customized floor system and lintels you will be able to self-build your dream home. These are delivered directly to your site with a full set of detailed installation document right down to the last screw.

This process makes it possible, to avoid the excess waste associated with your typical site construction. After assembling the insulated formworks, all you have left to decide on is your roofing and the exterior finishing of your home, which we leave in your hands should you choose to.

Assembling the system is extremely fast and does not require any drying time. The dimensions of your door and window openings are formulated as soon as we receive the details of your project. This allows you to order your external joinery in advance, which is helpful in avoiding a delay when it comes to your framework construction. An integral component of Gablok is the flexibility and highly skilled professionals involved in the construction of your new home, reducing time constraints our competitors face. Your project vision can be made possible with Gablok UK.


01.   Starter

The starter is made up of LVL-Q panels of 264/45. It receives the first laying of insulated blocks.

02.   Insulated Belt Block

This block is designed to receive the embossed rail.

03.   Insulated Starter Block

This block is designed to match (cap) the starter.

04.   Lintel

This block is ideal for door and small window openings.

05.   Standard Isolated Block

These blocks are made up of OSB 3 panels that include 264 mm thick EPS insulation with graphite.

06.   Embossed Top Rail

Connects the entire belt and accommodates the floor elements.

07.   Beams

These beams are made up of OSB 3 panels that include 264 mm thick EPS insulation with graphite.

08.   Floor Element

The floor elements are nested on the embossed top rail.

Gablok building components.

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Our development and design is centred around your bespoke plans while using our own signature construction process to achieve a high level of proficiency. Once your plans have been completed you will receive an installation method which depicts a step by step layout of your Gablok build alongside all the materials you require. We aim to minimise the extraneous variables faced by most customers such as (cost, time, and pressure), ensuring a smooth transition from the design phase to the construction of your structure. Our company aims to prioritise the client and help their vision become a reality. With Gablok in just under a week you can witness your project come to life.

Our offer includes all materials required for the construction of your shell, except for the foundations, slab and roof. For an additional cost we are able to supply you the complete package from groundwork, to roofing and even exterior finishes.

You will be able to contact our technical support team if you have any queries or need help with the assembly of your project.

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As an architectural engineer, I was involved in the elaboration of the technical datasheets of the Gablok method. Based on this experience, I was chosen as the architect for their model house. I am now eager to see this building erected in order to access its technical qualities. I believe that it is a truly innovative, fast and efficient concept, this is why I am happy to recommend it.

Marc Spooren

Bristol, UK

I have been personally involved in the laying of the Gablok elements for the construction of my wife's workshop. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and simplicity of the installation process. We finished the assembly of 320 blocks in barely one hour and thirty minutes, and all this, without reviving my hernia 🙂 Thanks again Gablok!



 Les Gaillettes asbl, a sheltered workshop based at Battice, was chosen to manufacture GABLOK elements (blocks, lintels, beams and floors) but also for the machining of rafters and stringers. We are very pleased to be part of this innovative project and look forward to produce our first parts.

ASBL Les Gaillettes

Herve, Belgium

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